Bars and nightclubs all around the world are under close scrutiny after a fire broke out in Brazil’s Kiss Nightclub, killing over 230 people. The fire, which was started by pyrotechnics set off by a band performing at the club, bared an eerie resemblance to the now infamous nightclub fire that occurred just 10 years ago. On February 20th, 2003 a rock and roll themed club in West Warwick, Rhode Island called Station Nightclub was hosting the band Great White when the band's manager set off pyrotechnics. Although the band had set off these pyrotechnics inside of other venues, the Station’s low and flammable ceiling was quickly set ablaze by a spark that quickly engulfed the nightclub and everyone inside. 100 people lost their lives in the fire, with many more seriously injured. With Kiss Nightclub fire last month and the 10th anniversary of the Station Nightclub fire this week, can we really say that nightclubs have become safer in the last ten years?

While many sites offer helpful tips for patrons, such as the NFPA which urges club-goers to check for exits and be aware of their surroundings, owners and employees also need to be aware of imminent danger. Bouncer Online offers 8 tips for owners and employees to ensure that everyone has a safe evening. Their tips include making sure that the club is not over crowded and checking that all emergency exits are clearly labeled and easily accessible; two safety violations that experts say most commonly lead to a high death toll in theses nightclub tragedies.
Ensure your nightclub clients are keeping the customers in your community safe, provide them with Jalite Safety signs such as our UL Listed EXIT Sign, and door hardware signs. When the lights go out, ours go on.™ Way-guidance floor signs and notices to Keep Exits Clear are also to be advised. All will shine up so nicely with Night club blue lights!!